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Do you undergo from lactose intolerance? Put dairy again on the menu and revel in its health-giving properties with assist from Milkaid

Ice cream sundae on a marble counter next to a tub of Milkaid lactase enzyme chewable tablets to treat lactose intolerance

For an estimated 4 million individuals within the UK, milk, ice cream and different dairy merchandise are off the menu resulting from lactose intolerance.

That is unlucky as a result of milk and merchandise similar to cheese and yoghurt are full of vitamins which are helpful to our well being. Specifically, they’re nice sources of protein and calcium. In addition they present many different nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with vitamin A, B nutritional vitamins, vitamin D, phosphorous and potassium.

Collectively, these vitamins contribute to conserving our muscular tissues, bones, tooth, pores and skin, imaginative and prescient and nervous system wholesome. They’re particularly useful as we become older to push back age-related circumstances similar to osteoporosis. That is of explicit concern to ladies post-menopause, when hormonal adjustments result in decreased bone density. Calcium is particularly vital for serving to us preserve sturdy bones. And vitamin D is helpful as a result of it helps us take in calcium from our meals.

What’s lactose intolerance?

It’s price noting that lactose intolerance isn’t the identical as a milk or dairy allergy. It’s a digestive downside attributable to the physique being unable to interrupt down lactose.

Lactose is a sugar present in dairy meals, and to interrupt it down, we want an enzyme known as lactase. Most of us can produce all of the lactase we want within the small gut. For many who can’t, that’s when lactose intolerance turns into an issue.

The outcome could be disagreeable signs together with bloating, abdomen cramps, wind and diarrhoea. You may keep away from these results by reducing out dairy out of your food plan, however that may be very restrictive – particularly when you take pleasure in consuming out. It additionally means summer time treats similar to ice cream are strictly off-limits.

You can take pleasure in dairy once more

The excellent news? It’s straightforward to prime up the lactase in your system with Milkaid. Every raspberry-flavoured pill accommodates a dose of 3000 ALU of lactase. This implies chewing only one or two tablets instantly earlier than consuming any meals containing lactose ought to be sufficient that can assist you break it down.

Being really easy to take, Milkaid is good once you’re consuming out. And since many kids develop lactose intolerance earlier than the age of 10, there’s additionally Milkaid Junior – strawberry flavoured tablets appropriate for kids aged 3 and over.

Alternatively, attempt Milkaid Drops – add three drops to 500ml of milk and refrigerate for twenty-four hours. It breaks down the lactose by as much as 70%, so you’ll be able to take pleasure in milk in your cup of tea or in your cereal with out worry of disagreeable penalties. Or add 10 drops for as much as 99% lactose discount.

Milkaid accommodates no synthetic flavours, gluten or yeast. 

Treat lactose intolerance with the Milkaid range including chewable tablets, lactase enzyme drops and Milkaid Junior for kids

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